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Root Canal Therapy in Aston, PA

If you’re experiencing toothaches, heightened dental sensitivity, and tooth discoloration, you may require root canal therapy. Root canal therapy, alternatively known as endodontic treatment, is a restorative procedure that includes removing the diseased pulp from a tooth’s root canals. Root canal therapy in Aston, PA, may be recommended as an alternative to extraction if our dentist determines that your tooth is salvageable.

Here at Sweet Tooth Family Dentistry, we understand that most patients view restorative dental procedures with great apprehension. Our friendly and experienced dental team goes above and beyond to ensure that every patient feels safe, prioritized, listened to, and comfortable. If you require root canal treatment, we’ll perform the procedure using anesthesia to ensure a painless experience.

If you experience dental anxiety, please let Dr. Pooja Desai know so appropriate interventions, such as sedation, can be arranged.

Non-Surgical Root Canal Near You

We offer non-surgical and surgical root canal therapy. Non-surgical RCT treatment is similar to a deep filling. During non-surgical root canal treatment, our dentist in Aston, PA, accesses the infected pulp by drilling a hole in your tooth.

The dentist then uses root canal files to remove the diseased pulp. After this step, the dentist cleans your root canals thoroughly to remove all traces of infection and harmful bacteria. Finally, the dentist seals the canals using gutta-percha material. If the tooth is extensively damaged, a dental crown is attached to restore its function and appearance.

Surgical Root Canals

Surgical root canals are often performed as endodontic retreatment. Endodontic retreatment is the follow-up treatment required after an initial root canal fails to deliver the desired results. Apicoectomy, or root-end resection, is a popular form of surgical root canal therapy. During an apicoectomy, the dentist cuts off the tooth root’s tip, cleans out the infection, and then seals the root with dental material.

Non-surgical and surgical root canals are performed with anesthesia.

If you have a severely damaged tooth, you can save it through root canal therapy. Our dentist near you carefully assesses each patient before recommending a specific procedure. Dr. Pooja Desai has extensive experience in restorative dentistry and will only suggest endodontic therapy if it’s in your best interests.

Get in touch with Sweet Tooth Family Dentistry today if you’re curious about root canal therapy near you.

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