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Porcelain Crown in Aston, PA

Porcelain crowns, or porcelain caps, are custom-fitted ceramic caps that completely cover and encase a damaged or decayed tooth. At Sweet Tooth Family Dentistry, these crowns are meticulously crafted to blend seamlessly with your real teeth, matching them in color, shape, and size. This ensures that your dental restoration is strong, durable, and indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Benefits of Choosing Porcelain Crowns

Choosing porcelain crowns for your dental restoration offers several advantages. These crowns are celebrated for their natural appearance and longevity. They are made from high-quality ceramic materials that mimic the translucency and gloss of real teeth, making them an aesthetically pleasing choice. Additionally, porcelain is a biocompatible material, minimizing the risk of allergies and gum irritation. The strength of porcelain also helps to reinforce the tooth, providing a durable solution that withstands the rigors of daily eating and chewing.

Who Should Consider Porcelain Crowns?

Porcelain crowns are an excellent choice for anyone needing to restore a tooth that has been compromised by decay, fracture, or wear. They are particularly beneficial for teeth that have undergone significant structural loss and need reinforcement. Additionally, patients looking for a long-term solution to cosmetic concerns, such as severe discoloration or misshapen teeth, will find porcelain crowns an ideal option. Dr. Pooja Desai often recommends these crowns to patients seeking a balance between cosmetic appeal and functional restoration.

Process of Getting Porcelain Crowns

The journey to obtaining porcelain crowns at Sweet Tooth Family Dentistry involves a few key steps, all tailored to ensure the best outcome. Initially, Dr. Pooja Desai conducts a detailed evaluation of your oral health to determine if porcelain crowns are the most suitable option for you. Following this, the tooth receiving the crown is prepared, which involves reshaping the tooth’s surface to accommodate the crown snugly. An impression of the tooth is taken, and a customized crown is created with advanced technology.

During the fabrication period, a temporary crown is placed to protect the prepared tooth. When your porcelain crown is ready, you will return for a final appointment where Dr. Desai will fit and securely bond the crown to your tooth. This final adjustment ensures that the crown feels comfortable and looks natural.

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