Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal Treatment in Aston, PA

Periodontal disease involves an infection of the gums that can deteriorate the supporting bone structure beneath your teeth. Caused primarily by the accumulation of plaque, this condition can lead to serious oral health issues if not addressed promptly. At Sweet Tooth Family Dentistry, we emphasize the importance of early detection to prevent the progression of gum disease.

Signs and Symptoms of Periodontal Disease

Early detection is key in managing periodontal disease effectively. Common indicators of gum disease include bleeding gums, bad breath, receding gums, loose teeth, and pus around teeth and gums. Experiencing any of these symptoms warrants an immediate consultation with our dental team.

Diagnosing Periodontal Disease

Dr. Pooja Desai employs a detailed approach to diagnose periodontal disease using cutting-edge tools. Our evaluations include detailed measurements of gum pocket depths, checks for mobility of teeth, and digital imaging techniques to assess underlying bone loss. These thorough assessments guide our targeted treatment strategies.

Comprehensive Periodontal Treatment Options

Our dental clinic in Aston offers a spectrum of treatments to manage and treat periodontal disease effectively. From non-invasive procedures like periodontal cleaning to more intensive interventions such as scaling and root planing and innovative laser periodontal therapy, we tailor our treatments to each patient’s specific needs. Each method aims to clean away plaque, smooth the tooth root, and reduce gum pocket depth to halt the progression of gum disease.

From Non-Surgical to Surgical Solutions

For many patients, non-surgical treatments offer substantial benefits and are sufficient to control the disease. However, for advanced cases, surgical options may become necessary. These procedures are designed to restore functional integrity and aesthetic harmony to your gum and dental structures, ensuring long-term health and stability.

Schedule Your Periodontal Consultation with Dr. Pooja Desai

Take action against periodontal disease today by scheduling a consultation at Sweet Tooth Family Dentistry. Our team, under the guidance of Dr. Pooja Desai, is prepared to provide you with the highest quality care in periodontal disease treatment. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve and maintain optimal oral health. Visit our office in Aston, PA, or reach out through our website to book your appointment.

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